On Eating Men...?

Pacman Google Doodle

Reading Ruben's latest post on the goals of IT security (plus watching him study) brings me back to my first year of university, but not in the 'IT security' aspect, or even any of the goals. Mainly just the 'eat man' part of it.

In my first semester of university, like all good IT bachelor students, we had to take Programming Fundamentals which is a basic Java subject. For our semester and year, our assignment was to create what was essentially a 'Pacman' game, which we could have called that if it were not copyrighted.

Instead, I called mine EatRunMan, because what does Pacman do but eat and run around? This idea totally held water. Not that there was water in it... Google had the gall to have their Pacman Google Doodle shortly after completing the subject - just when I thought I could be free of him forever.

Well, I definitely won't be forgetting that very soon even if I do get the image of cannibalistic CIA officers out of my mind. One thing is for sure... I probably would run from them though.