Office puppy assists in mental wellbeing

Marley the dog

There was a lil pup in the office today, bringing us much cheer and reducing us to the mental capacity of little kids. Everyone in the office had to come out to play with the lil pup at some point, and although he made a mess a few times in various areas of the office (… won’t be putting my bag over there again, I think), overall it was quite a mood lifter.

Some research says that having a puppy in the office helps the mental health of workers. Not to mention they get up and stretch more often because they are coming out to play with the puppy at various intervals. I’m not sure about the validity of these articles though, and I can only guess what it actually does for productivity.

I used to be quite scared of dogs when I was younger though. I thought dogs would just chew me up since my parents always mentioned to us how vicious dogs are. Perhaps it’s a good warning given the frequent news articles around here that mention how many children have been attacked, but there are vastly more dogs that are perfectly harmless and friendly.

I guess I’m learning. Still, when Ruben’s dog Tiger Lily is overly friendly with me I still can’t help shrieking a little bit and skipping off in the other direction. She’s just trying to be nice, but be gentle with me.