Of IP Addresses and other such

Chitanda in shock?

If you can see this post, it means that a slight issue this evening was resolved by looking up an IP address to use instead of using a domain name, AND Hover's finally updated their DNS stuff. Ruben's kindly been letting me take up temporary residence on his Net Logistics webhost over the past couple of days while he's been reinstalling the VPS this site was previously on, and making it pretty both inside and out... but this inadvertently meant I wasn't able to get to Net Logistics with "rubenerd.com" when Ruben moved his site this evening since that domain was now pointing to a different IP address. rsync spat various errors at me because of apparently missing keys and I'd reproduce if I knew what I should redact.

In any case, in the absence of a similar site's availability (quite a concern indeed), this site emerged as the hero when trying to look up an ip address:

HCI Data: Convert Host/Domain Name to IP Address and vice versa

Certainly was a good learning experience at least, though it seems I'm missing something specific before I can move back to said VPS myself! Arguably I shouldn't be messing around with stuff I don't understand (or should I?), but I can't fathom how to do it anyway!