Past and Present Obsessions

Ruben and Seb at the Australian Museum

From @Sebasu_tan this evening:

Omg. @hanezawakirika hasn’t blogged all day. Is the world ending?

That's what they used to say about me tweeting! Or to be exact, retweeting. If I wasn't up and retweeting most hours of the day, people would start to worry — whether truthfully worried or not, I cannot tell. We would joke that if I ever stopped tweeting, people would be worried that I had died.

Now and again I get obsessed with doing things. Sometimes it's Livejournal, where I posted multiple posts a day and took over people's friendlists with my posts. Sometimes it's Tumblr, where I reblogged to such an excess that it could be counted as spam, obsessed with archiving all the images I liked. Sometimes it's Twitter, where I valiantly tried to keep up with every post on my timeline and retweeted all that I found interesting even if others did not.

Sometimes it's this blog that I fill with nonsensical things. We'll see how long I manage to keep this up until I feel like moving on to the next thing, but personally I'm hoping this will be more of a long-term project. :)