Apparently there was a hashtag trending on Twitter this morning (as they tend to do), but whether or not this is relevant, a tweet came up on my Timeline (as they also tend to do) which didn't strike well with me:

Actually I find it kind of strange that women find it offensive when men desire them. Shouldnt it be empowering? #objectify - @LinkageAX

Should it be empowering to be treated like an object, without personality or emotions, just as an item to be used? That's often what happens when this term 'desire' comes up. It's all just about lust and a women can be nothing more than just a sack of flesh they want to pierce, even if a sexy one. Though I don't know him, @MikeIrvo seems to have the right idea.

@LinkageAX It's usually about how they express it. All physical, no respect. I'm sure you um... Know people like that. :P - @MikeIrvo

That's it exactly. Done right, it can be immensely empowering and fulfilling, but often there is just no respect and just that primal urge passed down the generations to spill their seed.

Maybe she's just not that into you.