If it weren’t for the anime club, Vadim and Tac, I don’t think that I would have been introduced to the current Nyanpassu phenomenon, nor the series Non Non Biyori. Now that I’ve been exposed to it though, I’m deeply curious to know more despite recently not having much time to pursue personal interests.

Regardless, while playing Nyanpassu on a loop the other day with Ruben for no particular reason, we became curious who was the seiyuu for Renge Miyauchi, one of the main characters of Non Non Biyori and introducer of the addictive ‘Nyanpassu’ phrase.

The way Nyanpassu is said by Renge is so distinctive, that it is difficult to copy. At once it is as emotionless as Minori Chihara’s Nagato Yuki, yet at the same time there are subtle playful undertones. But let’s not forget Renge’s distinctive disinterested-looking eyes working in her favour.

A quick search of the reliable Wikipedia took us to a seiyuu who only recently entered the field in 2011, Kotori Koiwai. Although I’m extremely behind on current anime, I have watched some Gatchaman Crowds and upon seeing the name ‘Utsutsu’ immediately could hear Utsutsu in Renge. Utsutsu desu, the green haired beauty muttered softly and shyly to Hajime in introduction.

This led me to think about typecasting though. I hope that this actress won’t be typecasted to play ‘emotionless’ characters, even though she does it so very well. Minori Chihara has also voiced another ‘emotionless’ character, Minami Iwasaki, from Lucky Star, and I confess I don’t know enough about the other roles to say for sure what kind of work she has done. It will be interesting to see her vocal talents in varied works in the future though.

Although we see emotionless girls, how often is it that we see emotionless guys? Oreki (Hyouka) and Haruka (Free!) were one of a kind who could be generally emotionless until somehow aggravated, but otherwise it’s not too common, I think. I wonder if there are any male seiyuus out there with a talent for ‘emotionless’ characters too?