Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyancat mascot

Mascot ahead of the times

You may have seen Ruben's post about the update to his mascot, but since before I designed Ruben's current mascot, I had wanted to create a mascot for this site also. Though unlike Rubi, I had no idea what mine was going to be! I had plenty of inspiration for Rubi and Ruben had dropped a whole plethora of great ideas over the months before I surprised him with her last year.

I played with many ideas for my own mascot, but finally last night I bit the bullet and drew up a cat crossed with what seems to be a fox and called her/him/it Nyan, the nyan part of Kirinyan! Maybe?

Yeah, I'm totally original. ;)

At least there means there's potential to be the butt of Nyancat jokes (ahem), though hopefully that's not under some sort of copyright. I apologise!

Mascot behind the times

I added the scarf and Ruben's star from his logo as a homage to him though, since I wouldn't be writing here today if not for him, and this site would not exist if not for him either. He doesn't know what a profound effect he's had on me!

As a footnote, oh yeah, I changed my logo this week as well, possibly as a result of Apple deciding to simplify their own interface, and just the fact that I didn't like my old logo in the slightest. I have no idea why it's 'kny' either.