When Nyan was rendered as humanoid

Nyan Anthropomorphism

A project I’ve been working on since I first came up with ‘Nyan’ as a mascot is to render him/her in human form. Initially I had intended my mascot to be humanoid, just as Ruben’s Rubi is, however I was never able to come up with a satisfactory appearance for him/her.

It was to such a state that I wasn’t even able to decide on a gender for my mascot, therefore have tried to refer to it with gender-neutral pronouns as much as possible, however have often accidentally referred to it as ‘him’. Admittedly the image I always had in my mind was of a male, however the small ‘fox’ which I produced never really gave me the impression of being male somehow.

Regardless, after designing the new version of Rubi for Ruben the other day, I managed to come up with the sketch you see above that I have somewhat satisfied with. Perhaps you will see more of anthopomorphic Nyan in the future.

Is his name Nyan at all? I have hypothesised that ‘Nyan’ in fact is short for a longer and more foreign sounding name. Keep tuned. Perhaps there’s more backstory that even I have not discovered yet.

What this experience has taught me though, is that designing a mascot for yourself is much harder than designing it for someone else. Possibly unless you’re vain to begin with.