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New Post Project 2013

She stood perfectly still.

The gossamer thread barely inches from her pert nose shimmered and shivered despite her slow and shallow breathing, her long silky lashes lifting and lowering as she watched the struggle of nature. A many-legged creature picked itself across the expanse daintily, masking its excitement as it advanced on its hapless, struggling prey.

There was no need to hurry, after all. There was no escape.

The creature guided itself across its firm nest of silken steel strands, feeling for yet another movement in its fine web before it continued on toward its meal.

She hardly dared to breath as she bent even closer.

One thin, elegant leg lifted, tugging the snarled threads ever so delicately as its prey thrashed, desperate to escape, instinctively knowing its fate, yet not intelligent enough to find a way free.

She didn't dare to blink, lest she miss a thing.

The desperate prey was dragged mercilessly across the almost-transparent silk threads. Its fate was sealed as the creatures jaws clamped down and all motion ceased.

Her lungs were bursting.