[NP] Walking

New Post Project 2013

You trudge along, tired and hungry, all you can think of is a nice lie down to sleep for a good ten hours. Your bag feels as though it's full of bricks and it threatens to make you sink to the pavement into a puddle of fatigue and despair. You know that salvation is barely a kilometre away, but you can hardly make one leg step in front of the other, crawling up the path like a thirsty man in the desert, desperate.

Suddenly, you spot the figure in the distance. A small walking figure, carefree as they swing a small shopping bag from one hand, lazily bound up hair in the messy knot fluttering in the light breeze.

Suddenly it's a game.

Adrenalin floods your veins as you zone in on that distant figure, eyes no longer clouded by sleep but sharp and alert as your pace quickens, the bricks forgotten. Your bag is almost as light as feathers as you power down the track.

You must beat them.

The figure draws nearer and nearer as your legs eat up the distance in your single-minded focus to beat that person, whoever they are, because you don't really care who they are, you just want the glory of overtaking them. Of catching up to them. You know it makes no sense, but in the heat of the moment, your pulse thrumming in your ears, it is all you can think of and all you want to do. The path is a racecourse, the trees and grass spectators who cheer wildly as you dash around the bend almost on her heels and...


The girl has plugged a key into her lock and is opening the door, disappearing inside the cosy home with her messy hair and her shopping and the rush of adrenalin that had powered you. All of it slips away and suddenly the bricks are threatening to melt you into that puddle again, your knees shake as they strain in keeping upright.

The last hundred metres might as well as kilometres.