[NP] A Great Man

New Post Project 2013

Seems like I'm into short, dramatic pieces lately, but might as well get it out of my system. :)


Sometimes words leave his mouth that he doesn't intend, but they're his safety blanket against the world. The scornful tone, the mocking, the threats - was this who he really was?

You're not really like this, the inner voice inside whispers.

Shut up! He snarls back, as he does with anyone else, thrusting this inner voice inside, locking him there and throwing away the key.

He'd been this way for so long, it was almost hard to change. The passing time had made him bitter and resentful... different from the kid she would have recognised long ago. Much too different.

Have you been practicing your piano? He can hear her ask.

Sometimes he clenches the fingers on one hand, watching the multiple rings glitter as the sun hits the bright metal and shiny plastic throwing up little stars of light. Thin fingers. Pianist's fingers.

Now cut and scarred fingers from the work he now did.

What was he even doing here?

Would she even love him if she saw him now?

But he couldn't change, it was the only way he could understand how to continue. That logical part of him sat aside to watch him slowly ruin his world, powerless to stop him.

But then he found the one person who had cared more about him than ever before.

It was merely the act of a stranger who somehow cared for another stranger. But somehow this small act of kindness was a slap back to his senses and the world was suddenly bright again.

That one moment of selflessness and in that moment it was as if a dam that had been standing for much too long had suddenly burst. All the love he had to give, that he had suppressed and hidden away from for so long, now came gushing forth from the bottle that had been screwed tightly shut for almost a decade.

This was the kind of man he would gladly follow.

Others think he is blind, that he does not truly understand the man they all see as a failure, but he does. They are the ones that do not understand. He ignores the flaws he sees in the other man, because he knows. He knows this man has power, but just hasn't figured out how to use it.

He believes this man is greater than he knows.

And why?

Because this man captured his heart.