Not-so-sterile Singapore

Nancy Gan's Work

Although I’m sure it must happen, I hear so much about the safety (and sometimes the sterility) of Singapore that can be a surprise to hear that not only has one person has been murdered in Singapore, but two in the past few weeks. How would I know, I suppose, I’ve never lived there. This article caught my eye however as it drifted past on my Twitter feed; Hong Kong-born ‘socialite’, Nancy Gan, was found dead in Singapore, and her Indonesian helper was charged with murder.

I’ll admit that I don’t know a great deal about this artist, but even just a cursory look at her site would show what amazing porcelain art she creates. She certainly has an eye for detail and design and blending of traditional and modern.

Apparently this is the second such type of murder in just over a fortnight. The reason this caught my attention however, is that I would be interested to see what links these apparent perpetrators back to the victims, other than the fact they were employed by them. I understand that there is information investigators can’t share, but it seems too simple a conclusion to me. Then again, not all cases have a complex solution. I’m certainly a product of my generation who like to think they’re sleuths just because they watch Law and Order.

I suppose they must do a thorough job of investigating though, because the death penalty is a permanent solution to a problem, unlike jail that can be a temporary one. They must. Right?

Image from Nancy Gan. Not mine.