Non-sticking sticky footers.

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After coming across a million different errors as I tried to implement what I had envisioned, I hit upon a link I liked greatly which was footStickAlt, an alternative version of footStick which had less bugs than the original.

My main purpose of this was to keep a footer at the base of every page regardless of how tall the actual div was because not enough content fills it to be able to fit at the bottom. You may have read about the previous problem, which lead to my fixing it by setting body to 97%, which was a satisfactory solution.

If you don't want your footer to be fixed though at the bottom edge of each page, however, as I didn't but just have the element as the last on each page, this footStickAlt guide basically leads you through the process of creating a div that is positioned beneath the bottom edge of the page and is pulled upwards into the line of sight using the css. Took some trial and error, but it works!

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