The Noble Conflict

Kent Tong in Noble Conflict

I finally rediscovered the name of this series, so I don’t intend to forget it again. I revisited this series again a year or two ago when I was able to extract a few episodes of this 1991 series off the internet, but alas I don’t know where else I can get more of it - it’s difficult to track down a DVD I can purchase.

I haven’t even mentioned what series this is yet - it’s 傲劍至尊, or Noble Conflict in English. I thought it was a TVB drama, but it turns out it seems to be an ATV one, which must be a different channel in Hong Kong.. I only really know about TVB.

I managed to track it down by looking up male actors from around 1991, which was where I found Kent Tong who plays the male protagonist. He has recognisable features you won’t mistake. From there, I looked amongst his credits until with a rush of recognition, I found the name of the series.

His character wasn’t named, there was no information on it, but that’s all I needed. One day, I’d love to finally be able to get a DVD of this series and watch it in full. Like most costume dramas on TVB, or ATV it seems, there’s a lot of drama - which is why it’s called a drama. Maybe I’m biased as my opinion clouded by my nostalgia, but it’s a heartwrenching story that I just can’t forget.

Nevermind that his outfits are pretty darn outrageous. Many times I wanted to strangle him with the chains on his shirt - why is he wearing chains around him for no reason anyway?