No right timing

Hecate from Shakugan no Shana

If you keep up with the Sydney convention scene, you might have heard yesterday that Danny Choo, is coming to SMASH! in August, 2015. Danny Choo is a well known blogger, industry speaker and a successful entrepreneur who launched brands like CultureJapan and Smart Doll, though his journey has not been easy.

In order to update the SMASH! website for the big announcement, I took the opportunity to pour through Danny’s posts again, as they are always engaging no matter how much I read them. I can only hope that any of my posts have that kind of draw. Nonetheless, there are so many lessons that can be learned from his experiences.

One such lesson/advice which has been particularly thought provoking (and timely - see what I did there?) to me at this crossroads in my life is on timing. I keep telling myself that I’m waiting for the right moment - I’m waiting until I get a job with better income, I’m waiting until university ends and I have more time, I’m waiting until I have enough for a deposit to get a mortgage. But what I should be doing is stopping the waiting game and just making it happen, no matter how daunting and messy it might be.

Many of us wait for "the right timing" because we think it will be "easier" - disappointed you may be when I tell you there is no right timing. There is no right timing especially when it comes to things like moving house, changing a job, having a baby, getting married or starting your life project.

If you have something you really want to do in life then that time is now - not next week, not next month and definitely not in the new year when you make that "new years resolution." A new years resolution is an excuse to put something off for another year - if you convinced yourself to wait until the new year to make that resolution then your goal is either not important or you will convince yourself to put it off again.

A life goal has to mean everything to you otherwise it means nothing to you and you will never ever reach it.

It’s easy to make excuses to myself like what is realistic? as a reason to put off making these changes until tomorrow or next week because well, I’m busy, right?. When it comes down to it, even just a little bit a day will help. The time is now (or is this just something else I’m telling myself with very little action…?).