No Durians

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had decided to do a Bachelor of Digital Media at UNSW rather than accepted my offer to do a Bachelor of Information Technology at UTS. Communitychannel has been a rather quiet channel of late, but it blew the 'famous' (internet or otherwise) territory in 2007, when Natalie Tran started making videos while studying aforementioned course at UNSW.

Actually I'm not sure when I heard of her, she was famous in the days when I still hadn't enough bandwidth to rub together for YouTube.

No matter. All the same, her videos about her world trip with LonelyPlanet I discovered, or possibly rediscovered, today when I popped into YouTube to see what she was up to. In particular, I had to have a look at what she said about Singapore, because.... you know. It certainly reinforces Ruben's post about their penchant for decorating, phew.

I'd be tempted to look at her other videos, but I'd actually like to get stuff done tonight, so... actually, nevermind.

Oh, and no durians.