Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS and charger

My friends surprised me with a Nintendo 3DS today after lunch. After messaging me on the team Skype group to come see what he bought, my colleague revealed to me a 3DS to which he proceeded to had to me without my understanding the situation. Upon realising it was for me, I stared at him open mouthed.

It seemed that a group of my colleagues had banded together to buy me a 3DS for Christmas, after I’d distributed gifts to everyone in the office. The gifts were something personalised to what I could ascertain was their interests or something that they liked, and I probably gave away more than the DS’ equivalent. I even got a mention and a massive hug at the Christmas Party a little earlier in the month after the gift-giving. Regardless it was WAY more than I expected and I was a little overwhelmed.

I’d moaned about wanting a 3DS for months, so now I finally have one and I don’t know if I can bring myself to open it now. I’d been tossing up - 3DS or PS Vita? But I guess my colleagues made that decision for me, since it has certain functionality the PS Vita doesn’t have. Yet, there are many more Japanese RPGs ported to the PS Vita, or so it seems.

I’d been interested in playing Bravely Default or Fire Emblem before, but now I have a 3DS I’m not entirely sure if I would play the games as they look quite involved. From an art perspective I certainly want them, but that’s not necessarily a good reason as to why I should get it (right?). I’ve bought myself Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS so far and will probably look to buy Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire soon. I know what I’ll be taking on my trip to Singapore in a few days!

I’ll probably be trying to find some plates and games in Singapore too, though I’m not entirely sure if that will be possible with region locking. Hopefully I’ll find something nice. ;)