The Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS

It’s a little early for his birthday, but I bought Ruben a Nintendo 2DS today - one that he’s been eyeing and been indecisive over for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been mulling over the benefits and drawbacks of having a 2DS to a 3DS but eventually the transparent 2DS won out.

We’ve been going to various stores and having a look these past few days, and I have to say that the 2DS has really won me over. The first time I saw it I thought it looked awkward and difficult to use, that wedge shape was ridiculous. But seeing it in the flesh, I realised that it actually was smaller than I had imagined and therefore really wasn’t as awkward to use as I had surmised.

The nice part of the 2DS is also the material isn’t shiny and smooth like on the older DSs, like my DSLite and parts of my current 3DS. This makes handling it quite pleasant, and sometimes you want to be able to lay the console down on the table and still be able to play it. With the 3DS you need to bend the screen way back for that.

Having said that, of course there are some benefits with the 3DS as well - one being that I can switch on the 3DS functionality if I want to. The sound is also dual speakers and I think louder. And coloured buttons too, on my new Nintendo 3DS. But other than that I don’t feel you lose out on much given most people don’t play in 3D most of the time anyway.

A worthwhile purchase, I think, and I’m just so glad that we were able to come into the store and purchase it straight away - no discount or otherwise. Although it was tempting to order it online at Target’s store, or buy it off their eBay with the discount coupon, there is just something so satisfying to come into a store, purchase it and walk away and being able to play it immediately. Ahhh.

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