Night Lights

Party like it's 1969
Image by Dominik on Flickr.

This is actually an image I've had open for ages, but it's simply quite hypnotic and I love the effects created. I haven't been doing much on the photography front lately, but I would definitely love to explore light photography more in the future, but indeed, what is photography but seeing light through the lens of a camera. Interesting thoughts. Unfortunately part of my problem is that I technically have a curfew of sorts — something I certainly hope won't be haunting me for the rest of my life.

I first came to this image because of a class reading, "Dazzling the Multitude: Original Media Spectacles", by Carolyn Marvin. It spoke of displays of light (using light bulbs or fire) and even light from nature itself (the stars) being the 'original' spectacles, and from that I felt sad at what wonders we'd lost.

It's an innocent thing, to be able to find wonder in simple displays of light against the backdrop of the night sky, providing that perfect contrast. With today's gaudy billboards trying to sell you another item you probably don't need, it seems to pervert this once innocuous and wonderful thing.

Tokyo By Night
Image by dellspics on Flickr.

Don't get me wrong, I think there's also a real beauty in the lights that we have today, but because it's something so widespread and common, we take light for granted. I love watching the lights from cars rushing along the street. We still gather for fireworks every New Year, and we love to go and see Vivid Sydney, but otherwise it's just there, something we use to extend the day.

One day I'd like to just stand at a balcony or lean against the railing of some bridge and watch lights wink out in a city as people slowly drift off to bed. Or the ever racing lights of a city that never sleeps. Or maybe fireflies fluttering around in a starry sky. Someday I'd like to explore it all. :)

In the meantime, I'll just have my trusty lava lamp for company.