Niceties and Nasties

Nice tie, and everything else?

Even living in the northern parts of Sydney where most people are quite friendly and kind, will chase after you if you have stupidly left something behind, and will leave you alone if you fall asleep on the train surrounded by electronics, there are always the bad nuts. Now and again though, it’s nice to hear stories of pleasant gestures that happen rather than malicious ones.

Leaving your bag open happens to anyone. Sometimes it’s something minor like we leave it unzipped as we step away for a moment while our friends are around and they will temporarily steal your DSLR (or they actually unzip it for you). Or sometimes a little more major when you’re sprinting for the train and your belongings are being littered along the path behind you like a bad imitation of Hansel and Gretel.

Make it or break it

When I was just a young lass and going to the local primary school, with my meager allowance, sometimes I was able to purchase a bag of popcorn from the school canteen for the expensive price of $0.50. To my young mind it might as well have been $50. And to my young mind, a bagful of BBQ or chicken popcorn to myself was like being handed gold.

On one such occasion, I deposited this bag of popcorn in the top of my bag to eat when I attended afterschool coaching at KUMON hosted at our heritage hall. It was always nice to know that a treat awaited a few grueling hours of doing maths or english. But since the school-issued backpack was almost full to begin with, I placed it inside near the top without doing up the zipper.

Schoolkids will always be schoolkids. So of course by the end of the day when I was the last one (as usual) to step into the room we all hung our bags, this popcorn had mysteriously vanished. No one was sympathetic — I should have zipped up my bag properly.

Despite this, I haven’t always remembered to do so throughout the years, but neither has others. A friend reported that the other day as she went to close her bag, she discovered a packet of Pocky tucked inside that she couldn’t recall placing there. Sometimes nice, anonymous gestures have such power to change your day.

Does wearing a selection of nice ties qualify as a niceties?

Illustration by ノガロ.@受験生, on Pixiv, all rights to respective owners.