New Theme: Cloudy Skies Have Come

Kirinyan - Kumo Theme

You may have noticed the new design of the website has been up for a few days now, without a real word from me about it. I’ve been meaning to change it for a long time, but I’d never been able to develop a concept that I liked.

In the end, observations demonstrates that a design simply needs to be formed around a theme or logo - neither of which I had at that point in time. Thus, upon coming up with a logo concept one day while I was at work, I decided to use the logo I’d formulated and base my website around it.

I’ve liked the concept of clouds since before I animated a bunch of them while taking Digital Sound and the Moving Image last year, and I’d always liked taking photos of clouds, but it wasn’t until this year that I’d felt that I shouldn’t use them. Given that I’m not in cloud services after all — what claim do I have.

Lectora Theme

Regardless, a cloud embodies the ‘light’ concept I seem to choose for my designs, although a cloud is by no means simple to draw if you don’t want it to look like a cartoon. In order to personalise it though, it needed to be different — to be more than just a cloud.

Thus I gained some inspiration from CrowdedTeeth, an artist I came across on Tumblr who designed her works digitally and then recreates the artwork using paper. My cloud’s expression is a mere imitation of her works but it helped to inspire the approach I wanted to make. A ‘cutesy’ kind of feel for some reason, not something that I had tried before.

The colour pink is also entirely consequential, given that I wanted to pursue different colour schemes at first. A bright green or blue, or orange (although that is Vadim’s colour), but due to a business card I designed for myself, decided to use pink. The cheery feel it evokes is, at least, what I was looking for.

Mascot Kumo

I revamped some of the code to work more efficiently, as well as introduced a small icon of a cloud as a post separator rather than a unicode which has issues on many devices. The site is no longer exactly restricted to a certain width on the page, though the posts still are! Perhaps if I have more time to work on a new theme in the future, I will rebuild the page structure from the ground up.

All in all, this new theme was developed in only a few hours late one night, since it built on a lot of old code that at times causes it to react eratically. However I’m quite satisfied with this theme at the moment, despite the fact it doesn’t feature my mascot, Nyan. It’s a bit more of a divide from the inspiration I have taken in the past, so I have to take some pride in that. :)

It is exciting that I may have a second mascot though, which I am calling for now ‘Kumo’. Mist, which is the meaning of the ‘kiri’ part of the name, unfortunately is simply not solid enough to draw, I feel. With Kumo and Nyan on this site, I have my female and male duo of mascots, despite their seeming incompatibility. I will probably have to develop these mascots more sometime in the future. Now, I wonder if ‘Kumonyan’ would be an appropriate new name for this site?