A New Podcast Record

Listening to Back to Work, one of Ruben's favourite podcasts

As a high school kid I really, really wanted a radio for my room. It wasn’t that I especially liked the music that played on any radio station since I largely used it as white noise, though I did like the fact that I learned about more songs. Nonetheless, radio had something that simply playing music from an iPod didn’t have, and that was talk shows.

I have it reliably that talk shows in Australia are pretty bad, but regardless I still really liked listening to Hamish and Andy Driving you Home after school, which was usually on around 5. The two would banter and joke as they discussed various knicks and knacks.

A podcast, I suppose, is something similar. Except that the hosts are not continuously interrupted by music and ads. However, I’ve been resisting listening to them simply because it was a strange idea in my mind, yet really is no more different to listening to a conversations between two hosts on a more contemporary radio-waves-transmitted radio show if you think about it.

With nothing better to do on a road trip, yesterday I bit the bullet and listened to seven recent episodes of one of Ruben’s favourite podcasts, Back to Work. Just in time to greet to release of another one today. While it’s perhaps not as many episodes listened to as of another podcast, it’s certainly the highest number of hours. Still, despite liking this new pasttime I’m not sure I can justify listening to more than a couple of hours of podcasts a week. This looks simply too much to keep up with.