New Cuben Icon Renditions

Ruben and Clara in icon form

Tried one of those icon makers again the other day when there seemed to be resurgence of some of the icons created with it. I only recently rediscovered them on my desktop and I kind of like them! They seem to have added new options since the last time I used it, or perhaps I’ve just managed to develop my design sense a little more.

Don’t Ruben and I look cute? :)

To be honest I don’t think the one I made for myself is all that realistic, but they are what I want to depict myself to be - a little cheerful, playful, trying to be cute. How you depict yourself in an image doesn’t have to be realistic I guess. I do quite like the one I made for Ruben though — for people to see him the way that I do.

I also created Ruben’s mascot, Rubi, in the icon maker. At some point I’ll settle on Nyan’s look enough to create a proper illustration of him, I hope!

Rubi icon