New Watch: Something Blue

Smart new neon blue watch on my wrist

For the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for a new watch ever since my last watch snapped off my wrist and disappeared one day into the ether. I didn’t just want any watch though – I wanted a watch that would last this time. A watch that I could keep using almost indefinitely, rather than have to worry about changing the battery every year, or replacing the strap every one or two years (once I made my own instead).

Thus I began to look into mechanical watches, and the first of those I looked at were very promising design-wise though eventually I didn’t think they were really ‘me’. Instead of one long post as I’m wont to make, I’m going to split this into a series of posts about watches, as I know a certain someone likes to do. Please look forward to them in the coming weeks – if not for their informative nature, at least for the pretty images, amirite?

Regardless, I ended up purchasing a cheap watch the past weekend after all, after struggling through the past few months with only my phone as a timekeeping device (hard when it’s taken a gutter bath, eh?). Even though I view it only as a short-term stopgap, as I do for various things in life, it’s exactly what I would get if I decided not to invest in a mechanical watch.

Blue watch on my wrist

Bought from Target for $20AUD with no discount, my neon blue Quartz and brandless watch is simplistic, but looks classy. To me, it looks easily as if it could have cost twice as much at least, and I prefer it over the $50AUD watches I was peering into a cabinet at a few weeks ago that have the same amount of simplicity, but a much higher price tag – perhaps of the branding attributed.

While in the store looking at the watches which ranged from a cheap $10 to a pricier $30, I considered ones with bright leather bands, silver plating, ‘rose-gold’ plating, and digital ones. But this one in the end was calling my name.

Neon blue pieces of silicone act as the strap with a wide silver buckle, and the watch itself is also a neon blue. The watch body largely feels plastic, but is covered in a soft-feeling material that makes the watch not look like a kids’ toy. The watch face is printed with the usual 1-12, but then also followed with a 13-24 in smaller lettering. Useless perhaps for those used to reading in 24-hour time, but as someone who usually uses AM and PM it makes my life that much easier, regardless of how easy it is to calculate.

All in all, although the colours of the watch are loud, the watch itself is subtle and exactly what I’m looking for at this point in time. It goes well with anything I want to wear, and the various knickknacks already decorating my left wrist. I certainly have other things in mind for a longer-term investment of a mechanical watch, but for now, this will do quite nicely.