Neptunia Crown

Neptunia Ep04

Neptunia was never really big on plot, Tac thought so, Ruben thought it was inexplicable, and I thought it was pretty darn crazy too (though I liked the randomness of their references back to both computing and gaming consoles).

Even so, Ruben and I decided to watch it precisely because it was so deliciously inexplicable, plus the art was nice, if not sometimes providing unnecessary emphasis when the characters are partaking in vigorous (and non-vigorous) physical movement... But as of the end of Episode 5, both Ruben and I are wondering if it's time to give this series up.

True, we liked that it was utterly nonsensical, but somehow the last two episodes have taken it too far. To my understanding, the plot of the last two episodes we watched (Episodes 4 and 5) seem to be what happens in mk2 of Hyperdimension Neptunia, and it was pretty ridiculous. Or at least they tried to fit way too much content in too little time and made miracles (even for them) happen.

We might give Neptunia another episode to redeem itself, but if it's anything like the last two have been, it may be time to move on. But who knows what insanity the next episode will bring?

As an aside, doesn't the image above remind you of Guilty Crown?

Guilty Crown OP1