Nepal Dilemma

Conundrum definition

It’s an both and interesting and a difficult dilemma when natural disasters happen. Naturally as a non-psychopath, you want to do what you can to help these people that were just going about their ordinary lives, when they were suddenly struck by such a devastating natural disaster that my words wouldn’t do justice.

For most people, helping out tends to mean donating what they can to various appeals online, in real life such as at any fundraisers, and any other outlets in between. Yet, sometimes this kind of action, or inaction, can be viewed in a negative light. It is intangible, and doesn’t feel substantial.

‘If you want to make a difference, go to Nepal and help out with the rescue effort!’ some may be thinking. I have some mixed thoughts about this.

While it’s true that on the one hand the more people helping with the rescue and recovery efforts could possibly mean speeding up the process of rescuing people or recovering their bodies from the ruins of once magnificent buildings and speed up the amount of help we get into the region to support these struggling families. On the other hand, having more people on the scene also means that the supplies these additional people will be consuming need to be taken into account.

It means that there could be a ‘too many cooks’ situation, where more people milling about are more of a hindrance than a help. People flying in from all over the world could worsen the situation at airports when airports are already congested. Furthermore, people unfamiliar with the area going into the region could simply create further problems if they get injured or lost themselves during the effort.

While simply donating money can be thought of as just taking the easy way out, I believe our money can go to a good cause in paying for more supplies for these people in need and helping to send in specialist, trained people into the region who know what needs to be done and how to get about doing it. Thinking of spending your money on an air ticket? Channel this money into a donation instead to organisations that can guarantee this money will be directly going to support the effort.

That having been said, I’m off to make a donation. You should too. :)

This post exists in part because of this incident.