National Sausage Sizzle Day

'It's Tony Time' sign held by Liberation and National Party supporters

A day that I like to call National Sausage Sizzle Day transpired yesterday... Okay, we all know it was the election. Ruben has already written a brilliant post about it here if you want the full skinny, but I was a bit more hopelessly optimistic about the results of the election than he, and probably anyone else.

Seems like I had underestimated the Australian public. In the end, it's a battle between two evils and the public has deemed Tony Abbott the lesser evil, though I know plenty that hold him as the greater in many ways. I'd always thought of Abbott as a nice guy, he always had something nice to say even when the Chaser would be hounding him, but he was no politician or leader. But look where we are now.

It wasn't my first time voting in a federal election, but it was my first time putting time into voting below the line, and it certainly doesn't feel as though it has paid off, but nonetheless was worth a try.

We make a big deal out of the loss of the NBN, but of course there are greater things at hand too. Although Abbott may have a much less than progressive stance towards us Asians (Ruben referred to this in his post), I suppose those of us who have been here for a while are used to it already. It was a novelty for a while, having a prime minister who could speak Mandarin.

We may have to weather this for four years until the next election, but I may have just decided to speed up my departure and see how fast I can leave the country.