Nagato Yuki no Coffee

Nagato Yuki with Coffee

I talked about coffee last month, and while I was searching for images to use on the post, to my surprise I came across the same image of Yuki, but someone had cleverly edited the glasses out of the original image.

Neither Ruben nor I had heard of the special POKKA coffee cans which had been made for the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie and POKKA’s 25th Anniversary prior to a friend alerting us about them, but immediately after that it became a mission to find an image that was not on a coffee can. Surprisingly this had become easier recently…

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever see one of those epic cans though. Not sure I would drink the coffee inside one in any case, since it’s been a while since the promotion! The special cards would nonetheless be nice to have!

Personally I prefer the Yuki pictured here without glasses, perhaps as a result of being used to seeing her without glasses after she forgot to recreate them when she defended Kyon from Ryoko, but both are equally cute. ;)