#Mythbusters in Sydney

Mythbusters in Sydney

The crowd screamed and applauded in a feverish frenzy as Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman stepped onto the stage yesterday at the Qantas Credit Union Arena, formerly known as the Sydney Entertainment Centre, possibly the home of Australia’s one and only Qantas Credit Union ATM.. but that’s not the story here.

Ruben was gifted tickets all the way back in March by his sister Elke to see one of the Mythbusters Live Tour shows which happened yesterday evening; and as a Mythbusters fan I tagged along, eager to see these people I’d watched on television and admired for their exploits.

I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did that night. I’d expected to be wow’ed and of course see Adam and Jamie themselves, but the jokes and laughter they brought were something else, and it was an amazing experience, sitting in the dark all just enjoying ourselves immensely whether we were picked to go up onto the stage or not. We all learned something new, and perhaps even picked up or renewed the desire to purchase a high-speed camera.

Mythbusters Live in Sydney, 7.30PM session

You could tell at the Question and Answer time that the show was already beginning to wind down (and much too soon), althoough they still left us with a few gems as they recounted several exploits relating to questions which the audienced asked.. or rather shouted out towards the stage as there were no microphones in the audience. But of course, the show’s never really over until the big guns come out…

The sounds of the rounds ripped through the air, splattering against the non-bulletproof glass, and it was only after it stuck me as to how desensitised we are to the sound that we actually are that we were sitting up in our seats, cheering. Still, how many times are we as civilians ever going to see a gun like that.

Mythbusters in Sydney: signage

TL;DR It was awesome.

Of course this comes as the news of Kari, Grant and Tory leaving Mythbusters breaks over us more icily than being tagged to do the ice bucket challenge, and I had been fully expecting to see them as well. Regardless, I wish them the best of luck with any and all of their future exploits. Don’t think they’ll need it though~