My WiFi Name is Better Than Yours

(Not what you think it is.)

Something from a day or two ago which amused me somewhat while I was on the train. I'm not sure if it was perhaps a personal hotspot or otherwise, but it's the first option on this list.

Brain frying wavesss!

A little background, this was somewhat amusing to me given the fuss my parents always kick up over how the 'radiation from the wi-fi' will kill us and this is the reason I'm not allowed to keep it on overnight. It's weird to say that I'm not allowed to do stuff at this age, but apparently so. I've read up on it, asked teachers, looked at highly detailed diagrams and cosmic background radiation is probably more likely to kill you than the radio waves from the router. You're even irradiated just by eating a banana.

The comeback, however, is always 'that's what they say now, but a few years later, they'll make another discovery that, yes, it does cause cancer and then there'll be no going back/no fixing it' (Yes, I'm no interpreter). Wanting to prevent something happening before it happens, I can find that admirable, but here I don't know which side of the fence to sit.

At the end of the day though, I trust the informed opinion of my high school physics teacher with university teaching history and a doctorate more than that of my parents.