My Instagram Philosophy

Potato wedges, filtered through Instagram

I’ve been trying to get back into Instagram lately, but there are a few rules I live by (that clearly others don’t) when I use the service. I have my own set of standards, and others have theirs. I’ve wanted to mention my philosophy a few times while posting up images, so why not note them down?

  1. Don't overuse hashtags. Only use hashtags sparingly for cataloguing or comedic purposes. For example, if posting a sketch of Onodera from Nisekoi, the #nisekoi tag is enough, #sketch #art #drawing and so on are not required. If making a joke, keep it short and sweet. No need for #latergram either, almost all the photos are #latergram's.
  2. Never use #nofilter. The reason I use, or started to use Instagram was because they had filters. Therefore there is no reason to ever not use a filter, even if it looks better without one. If it's going to be a #nofilter, I just post the image to Twitter.
  3. Never post screenshots or other's photos. I will only ever post photos, not screenshots from my phone. A photograph of a screen or another person's phone is perfectly acceptable however, as it meets these principles.
  4. Never post anything not taken with a phone/mobile device camera. In my opinion, posting photos taken by my DSLR for example, is cheating. Instagram for me is an exercise in iPhonography, as some people like to call it.
  5. Never post anything with letterboxing. Either on top or the bottom, or on the left or right side. This doesn't look good in my opinion. If the photograph naturally had black borders for whatever reason, that is fine. If the image is not framed right, or does not fit however, I just won't post it.
  6. Never post too much in a row. Ironic coming from me, right? The spammer of a thousand tweets a day and a million images in ten minutes? Well, those days are gone and past. A few in a row is acceptable, but to post every dish consumed at kaitenzushi (sushi train) is unnecessary.

More if I remember any more. My rules to live by, they don’t need to be yours. Nonetheless, I do get somewhat irritated when I see people posting large paragraphs of hashtags just to be noticed.

Who do you post photos on Instagram for? Yourself? Your friends? Or to gain attention? In a way social media is all about attention, is it. You want people to pay attention to you. That’s no different here on a blog to be honest. Think on it.