Music Monday: feat. Hatsune Miku

I’ve been somewhat of a fan of BUMP OF CHICKEN ever since I became obsessed with their song 『カルマ』(Karma) which was used as the opening to the Tales of the Abyss game and anime. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly about the song which made me love it, but it was a mixture of the animation used for the opening of the Tales of the Abyss anime as well as the lyrics and the ‘energy’ of the piece.

The ‘energy’ is usually as close as I can get to describing what I like about a certain track. I do tend to like ‘uplifting’ songs, but it is interesting that a lot of the time these songs in fact have somewhat depressing lyrics. Perhaps what I like is the contrast there between the nostalgic and forlorn nature of the lyrics mixed with the hopeful optimistic nature of the tune.

Or perhaps I’m just not too good at feeling music.

Regardless, @mayonakaotaku linked a video of a BUMP OF CHICKEN song recently, 「ray」featuring Hatsune Miku, and while I haven’t listened to the original song they manage to harmonise Miku very nicely, though the quality of the song makes it sound like it was made for her in the first place. Her mechanical quality can be a little jarring at first, but grows on you — I do have a thing for duets~

At first I didn’t feel as though the song was anything special, but the middle of the song is really where this track hits its climax and turns into something really amazing, as it should. Have a listen, and I hope to see more tracks where artists are beginning to work more with these kinds of virtual idols in making new kinds of music. :)

Excuse me though, for I’ll be off to have a look at the original now too.