Motivation Theory

Sunset on Noosa Beach

Following on from that ‘pleasantly motivating’ post from previously, someone mentioned Fredrick Herzburg’s motivation theory which looks to be an interesting read, but I haven’t really had time to go that deeply into it given that pleasantly productive trip to Canberra last week and various assignments and work being due in the meantime.

Here’s an idea of what it’s about though — whether a job is considered good or bad can be based on ‘motivator elements’ and ‘hygiene elements’.

Motivators are things like achievement, recognition, and competence. A lack of them doesn't make you miserable, but you need them to feel satisfied at work.

Hygiene elements are things like salary, positive relationships with co-workers, and fair administrative policies. A lack of them will make you miserable, but having them won't make you satisfied.

Like most people I do have quite a few of the hygiene elements. I get paid renumeration for my time, whether or not I perform productive work, I have positive relationships with my co-workers, and all-in-all the policies are pretty fair, but this doesn’t make me satisfied about the rate I get paid or any other aspect, though lacking it certainly would be noticeable.

On the other hand, there are motivators that are lacking, such as recognition and achievement. The lack of project sign-off for months for one reason or another and lack of acknowledgement of work are significant demotivators. A lack may not make you miserable, but noticing the lack as others are rewarded definitely demotivates me. Fortunately the timely Melbourne Cup event and upcoming Christmas Party created enough of this sense of team spirit in me and a sense of ‘recognition’ as part of the team to have the will to continue onwards however.

Regardless with the recent event of the end of university for myself and an increased amount of time for guilt-free playing of Hakuouki on my PSP outside of work hours, I’m feeling myself more rejuvenated and energetic to put in some good work for the working day. Better understanding these de/motivators and feeling less pressure from university, tune in to see how this will carry out over the next few weeks.

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