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Yes, this is about the Twilight Movie again. It's finally out now in certain countries and I've just watched it.

It certainly isn't the best movie I've ever seen, and have to say there were certainly things I really didn't like. My friend believes that for a book-to-film adaption, it's pretty good - after all, you just have to look at Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to see what kind of book-to-film adaptions there have been. My other friend, on the other hand, really didn't like it, although there were sections she liked.

For the book-to-film adaption, I would rate it .. hmm, perhaps 3 stars out of 5. There were quite a few things left out and things swtiched around. I feel that to someone who hasn't read the book, they would not be able to understand much of the story or catch on to many of the references. That's the point with some of these though - and also with books sometimes, without mentioning names (no, not Stephenie Meyer, okay?) - but people think that just because they know all about something, surely everyone else does as well. It's a problem humans seem to have.

The digital effects were quite nice, so I give it at least 4 stars out of 5. The 'Edward sparkling in the sun' part was rather lame in my opinion, but the fangirls cheering (while I rolled my eyes, I must say) seemed to think otherwise. Otherwise, the other effects seemed quite good, though the running at fast speeds seemed a little fake at times - Like when you get the impression the person's just running in mid-air. That. I also done see what's with all the leaping and climbing up trees.

Alright, and now onto acting. Acting is a really bad place to go, I think. Robert Pattinson, stand there, don't glare, don't move, don't act, don't talk. There we go, good Edward. I dont think he's bad as such, but he makes strange faces all the way through whereas he looked perfectly casual in Harry Potter and TGoF. Sure, he maybe restraining himself, but c'mon - to the extent where he seems to be leering occasionally. And his voice seems a little monotonous - the most emotional section was when he shouted out.

Kirsten Stewart is also... well, she makes an alright Bella, but is way too calm - there isnt enough emotion in it. When she returns to the house and 'runs away' from Charlie, she is perfectly calm, slamming some doors, sure, but seems perfectly restrained, whereas the book-Bella is in tears and.. the such.

Jacob ... Sorry, I can't remember his actor's name (Taylor ___?) - Give me scissors, someone, please! I found Charlie to be a breath of fresh air though - Seems rather nice, though definately not who I expected. He's pretty cool.

Alright, all in all, I found the movie to be okay, but certainly dont think it's that great. Fangirls of course disagree with me, not to mention they make me roll my eyes and sigh whenever they cheer when someone comes on the screen. I've never been in a cinema with screaming fangirls - it's a little annoying really.

The added scenes and added laughter are pretty good, still, if you've read the book, I think it really pales in comparison. Give me my mental images anyday.