Enter a new Youtube sensation, @ntdotgw!

Image from one of the behind the scenes videos

I've been watching through most of the videos posted by NTDOffTheGreatWall recently, ever since I did a Google search for how to address members of my/your Chinese family tree and came up with their 'The Complicated Chinese Family Tree' (Mandarin version) which was an entertaining and informed watch (despite the fact that I don't speak much Mandarin). I was quite pleasantly surprised and pleased though when they also came out with the Cantonese version a couple of days after I first discovered them and even blogged about it. They have a modest amount of subscribers currently, but their content is fresh and interesting.

In any case, naturally as a Chinese person stuck with Chinese parents and their traditional Chinese values, NTDOffTheGreatWall's videos that are neither viral videos brought to us from China nor vlogs, I could relate to well or were common stereotypes I hadn't necessarily personally experienced but knew about well enough. Unfortunately although some stereotypes sound far-fetched, we all know that they do hold a grain of truth. NTDOffTheGreatWall's parodies are quite something else though and deeply entertaining.

The engaging thing about their videos however is their approach, which is often lighthearted, self-deprecating, with a real air of personality and they bring an air of comedy to an otherwise serious situation for some. While I'm sure that anyone would appreciate their videos, I'd like to select 'The Stereotypical Asian Drama' from their works to embed below. Enjoy?~

Oh to be a child who had paid more attention in Chinese School. I kind of wish I remembered more from those seven years of my life spent there, what a waste. Time to pick the Chinese back up. 加油~

As for Becoming Youtube... also on Youtube as the name suggests... I was going to blog about that at some point, wasn't I? I'll get around to it, eventually!