More Android vulnerabilities and problems

Toxic Android

From InfoWorld:

A vulnerability that has existed in Android for the past four years can allow hackers to modify any legitimate and digitally signed application in order to transform it into a Trojan program that can be used to steal data or take control of the OS. [...] The vulnerability identified by the Bluebox researchers effectively allows attackers to add malicious code to already signed APKs without breaking their [cryptographic] signatures. The vulnerability has existed since at least Android 1.6, code named Donut, which means that it potentially affects any Android device released during the last four years.

Well, that's reassuring.

At any rate, for now as long as you don't install anything that isn't going through the Google Play store you'll probably be okay. Good thing I didn't get my Samsung phone for the OS, but for the large screen - funny how something simple like that can be a deal breaker even with Android's many, many flaws.

Probably also a good thing I don't do much else with my phone other than tweet, check into places on Foursquare and use it to tether. But then, you ask, why do I need a large screen? Good question.

Image from How to Geek.