Monochrome NSWGR 3642

NSWGR Locomotive 3642 at Katoomba, by Hpeterswald

Above is a lovely photo by the talented Hpeterswald of a kinswoman of some of the amazing locomotives Ruben and I saw at the Thirlmere Train Works Museum on Thursday, the 3642.

Perhaps we did see her, I’m not sure, but it’s clear that she is in full working order as the photo dates back to my birthday last year. It seems she is at least one of the locomotives running the Heritage Express, another being the 3801. Occasionally on my way from and back home I will see a train of her like chugging down the weathered tracks, cruising past my station with a cloud of steam to mark her passing.

The monochrome effects on this photo really add to the sensation of that trip back in time again, easily mistaken for the many other old black and white photographs archived on the internet, if it were not for its crisp quality and telltale gradient in the sky. I admit, I haven’t ever shot in black and white with my Nikon D3100, but this makes it truly tempting to begin trying. There is so much that can be said in just black, white and Schades of grey.

Wait no, shades, but I digress. It does strike me as odd that while trains are referred to as ‘she’, the majority of the fleet in Thomas the Tank Engine are interestingly male. I’ve become a bit more sensitive to these issues since Cold Case! Then again, people can’t seem to decide what pronoun they should be using anyway.