Mobile Phone - The Saviour

walking into a glass wall

Picture this, you're walking along all nonchalantly, with your mobile phone held out in front of you as you check the latest updates on Facebook/Twitter (your choice) like most contemporary internet users. Everything looks fine and dandy in your peripheral vision — no obstructions, no skateboard to trip over or manhole to step in when... BANG, you run into a glass wall that just happened to be there.

You'd expect to face indignity (what dignity?). You'd want to quickly walk on and pretend nothing happened! Well, in this case, nothing did happen.

What's great about holding a phone out in front of you, is that this usually means that the phone is the part of you that sticks out the most! What do I mean? See it in practice:

On this instance as I casually walked along a station platform and turned to get on a train, I collided with a piece of glass-like substance. But I faced no indignity (except now as I tell you I walked into glass-like-stuff), even though did I fumble with my phone for a few seconds before I rounded the barrier/parition-thing casually (I meant to do that, yeah) and hopped on the train.

The irony of course is that without looking at the phone I wouldn't have collided in the first place at all, but at least I wasn't the one crashing into it with a diegetic and onomatopoeic bang.