Mortdecai poster

I can count my favourite actors on one hand most likely… but two of those actors I am constantly getting mixed up are Ewan McGregor and Kenneth Branagh. They both look way too similar that I keep mixing them up, yet both are great actors in their own right.

Ewan McGregor was amazing in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Kenneth Branagh was skillful in his performances of Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing and Wallander.

What Kenneth doesn’t have going for him is that my introduction to him was as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, yet he has greatly redeemed himself in other media.

Yet, little did I remember that Ewan McGregor appeared in Star Wars. Looks like I’ll have to seek out more works from both before I can set them firmly in the ‘favourite actors’ shortlist.