Miss, Mrs, Ms.. Mistress.

'Ms' (pronounced 'Mzz') was offered up as a "more comprehensive term which does homage to the sex without expressing any views as to their domestic situation." Progress! Despite the story going 'viral' 1900's-style and appearing in papers from Iowa to Minnesota, the term was largely forgotten until it was revived again by a total badass named Shiela Michaels in the 1960s.

I never felt weird about calling myself a ‘Ms’ until now. For me, the term ‘Ms’ always signified anonymity - I don’t have to either be a Miss or a Mrs. For most people, they don’t want to be considered old, so are perfectly fine with the use of Miss if they are unmarried, but for some reason I just have personally never taken to it, no matter how awkward it is to form the sound ‘Mzz’.

I agree with the article overall though - we should do away with prefixes altogether. Why should men have the simplicity of simply going with ‘Mr’ and women have to deal with this whole ball game and dance of choosing between one or three?

For this reason, in the past I would have probably gone as far to consider a Doctorate of some sort just so I could be considered a ‘Dr’ and simply avoid the whole hassle of having to define myself with a male or female prefix. In some ways, Japanese makes this so simple by simply adding a perfectly gender-neutral ‘-san’ suffix on the end.

Annoying for translators when they’re trying to figure out the gender of a person, but great for playing jokes with (as anime and dramas frequently do) and perfect for your own anonymity.