Milk Coftea


Some of you may recall various discussions in the past about ‘Coftea’ (coffee tea) on Twitter, and about coffee mixed with tea even just a few weeks ago. Since then, Ruben and I have decided to break out of our comfortable and coffee and milk tea (respectively) loving ways and try a combination of both — milk tea with coffee! Or coffee with milk tea?

For those interested, it seems if you order the Pappa Cham (Coffee and Milk Tea) at Pappa Rich, a Malaysian restaurant, the beverage tastes mostly like their Teh (Milk Tea), but with an edge that coffee lends it. As their Teh is generally very strong anyway, this is a drink that packs a punch, you could say — their white coffee is much milder.

At the FUSION Cafe in Eastwood however, a Hong Kong style restaurant/cafe, their iced milk tea with coffee (pictured above) tastes completely of coffee. To me, it tastes mostly like a latte, without much taste of milk tea at all, despite the fact that Hong Kong style milk tea is usually pretty strong too — on par with Teh. Perhaps Ruben was more easily able to tell the subtle nuances of the milk tea in the drink, given his vast experience with coffee, but I was not.

It’s quite fascinating to see the differences that arise, but no cup of tea or coffee from different places ever tastes the same, does it? There is so much involved in making a drink. In any case, I’m certainly willing to give this coffee-milk-tea combination another shot at yet another restaurant.