Kotobukiya: Mikoto Misaka Beach Side Figure

Mikoto Misaka Beach Side Figure

If you've been watching my Flickr, in particular my Figures collection you'll likely notice that it's been growing a lot of late. So when I noticed Danny Choo's post about the Mikoto Misaka Beach Side figure by Kotobukiya, naturally my interest was piqued!

She's really pretty though, looks very nicely sculpted and the ruffles are very finely done. More importantly though, her pose doesn't look awkward and is rather playful, nice expression and reflection of character. Special mention that her base is beautiful though. If nothing else, I would get it for that. In a way it's a shame she's not a Beach Queen? They all have the same kind of base so that they slot together nicely.

Update: Actually, there is a Beach Queens version and this one is so much prettier! The other Kotobukiya swimsuit version is quite nice also though!

Mikoto Misaka Beach Side Figure Base

Is it weird for a girl like me to like beach queens and other scantily clad female figures (okay, they're not that bad) and not only that but encourage my boyfriend to obtain them? I know I'm not the only one, but... well, who knows? :D You can see the rest of Danny Choo's photos here.

Is there any reason for this post but to talk about something that someone else announced already? I guess not, but I don't know if I'll ever see such a great base again, so might as well make a note of it. ;)

Update: If you were looking for it, the MyFigureCollection link handy for you people!