Microsoft Internet Explorer's Zero-Day Bug

Internet-Explorer-tan by Microsoft Singapore

A zero day bug for Internet Explorer was revealed over the weekend by Microsoft, affecting IE versions 6-11. This bug allows hackers to remotely take control of your data, and Australian, British and American governments are advising against the use of Internet Explorer until a security patch can be released. There is a temporary fix detailed by Australia’s Stay Smart Online, but it’s potential to affect your ability to access some sites makes the first option more attractive.

For those of us who have been using an alternative as our browser of choice anyway, this probably doesn’t come as much of a threat. I still find it odd sometimes when I still need to develop web-based programs that work in IE6, yet the truth is that many companies are still using XP and IE6, even as Microsoft stopped providing security updates earlier this month, and this bug would never be fixed for them. Time to upgrade, guys; although being greeted by Windows 8 isn’t entirely welcome.

I’m surprised that IE still has 55% of the global market share, personally. I’ve asked my father on several occasions why he still uses it, and his response is that it is familiar. Not to mention that he has used it for years so it is ‘trusted’. I wonder what facts he is basing that on…

In any case, safety is always primary, so while at work anyway I won’t be using IE unless I can help it, although it sometimes opens by default. Macs are not invulnerable either, such as Genieo which has been popping up more frequently of late, but at least I’m unlikely to be using Internet Explorer on it.

IE11-tan by Microsoft Singapore.