Message in a (plastic) bottle (for eight years)

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Old news to some, I know, but as in the article linked by Jim Dalrymple:

Ten-year-old Oisín Millea is touring the province of Quebec this summer, retracing the path of a handwritten message he found in a bottle that washed up on the shore near his home at Passage East, Ireland. Oisín brought the bottle back to Quebec, and the girls who put the bottle in the ocean met him at the airport in Montreal. Oisín found the bottle last October, but it was tossed into the ocean by two girls from Montreal more than eight years before.

Most people seem to find this amazing, that it is a great story and Quebec has done something to make Canada proud. Maybe I don't have a sunny personality, but if I were one of those environmental activists, I would certainly be pointing to this as clear evidence that anything dumped into the sea will just be floating around in it for 8 years and possibly more.

Nevermind if it 'injured' anyone or not on its way to the other side of the sea. This is just pollution and it can still cause harm to marine life. But hey, don't take my word for it.

Not everyone is perfect and I'm not saying I am, I probably do my share of polluting, but I don't need to deliberately also cast plastic bottles out into the ocean as well. Whether it's plastic or glass, the time for that has passed, really. At least glass breaks down much more easily. It's very nice that two (groups of) strangers can connect through time and through different languages and be brought together by Tourism companies, of all things, but they aren't the most moral people out there and they hide the reality of this kind of story.

Anyway, the positive side of this story though is that Oisín had the decency to pick up others' trash that he found. For this reason he deserves to be rewarded, but what about the unsung heroes out there? In any case... remember, kids - no littering.

Image from Ban the Bottle. (No affiliation)