Turning into a Media Circus

Media Circus screencap

A new show on the ABC, entitled ‘Media Circus started up on the ABC recently, hosted by the lovely fellows from the Chaser. In the past, they’ve dedicated themselves to the news in various ways, stirring up trouble, digging deep in politics, and now… making a game show out of it?

As strange as it sounds, it’s actually quite an interesting program I think, and tame compared to their Chaser’s War on Everything days where they could be said to almost be terrorising. They point out some interesting things in the recent news, while revisiting old news stories from the past.

Alternative terms that could have been used instead of 'shirt front', provided by Media Circus

Of course some of their lesser known shows I’ve had a look at too, such as when the team produced a show where they covered old news stories that once became the product of heavy criticism by the public when it was aired on television, or media that was pulled from the air, because of topics that would nowadays be perfectly acceptable. Old directors, producers, and presenters come together to present the climate from that time.

I’m looking forward to where Media Circus will take itself though. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is amusing insight into how the media empires work – why is it that news stories are ordered like that on news programs on various channels? Why is a piece on puppy-sized spiders more read than a piece on the recent passing of Gough Whitlam?

Episode 3 was out recently, so hop on it while they’re still available on iView!