Do I want to go to my graduation ceremony?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself recently, in light of the SO’s reluctance to attend his own ceremony. Regardless, I needed to make up my mind fast because today is the second last day that the payment for the graduation ceremony (and all that it entails, including robe hire, etc) before you incur a penalty fee of $100 or have to apply for late payment.

For the past couple of weeks, there’s been various reasons I should and shouldn’t go that spun round and round in my head without conclusion.

Reasons to go

  • How many times do you graduate in your life?
  • My parents would want to come because it’s one of the few occasions they can celebrate one of my achievements (what achievement)
  • My friends who did masters went to their graduation ceremonies
  • Showing off

Reasons not to go

  • Ruben won’t be going to his ceremony
  • Ruben won’t be going to his ceremony, so it would be weird to ask him to come to mine
  • I don’t want to take a day off work just for this
  • It costs $126, when picking up your documents from the front desk is free
  • It costs $126, when I already paid $30K+ paying for the actual degree
  • It costs $126, which could buy you an extra anime figure, or buy dinner for you and your friends
  • I probably will go back and study some more at some point anyway, so the ‘how many times do I graduate?’ point is moot
  • Pomp and circumstance

Despite the overwhelming number of reasons not to go, it seems point 4 of ‘reasons to go’ dominates all the rest. slow clap Well, I’ve made my bed now anyway, so I guess it’s time to not sleep and ask for some leave.