Master of Interactive Multimedia, at UTS

UTS Background

This Monday, during class, I was informed that the course I am currently taking at UTS would no longer be accepting new students.

At present, I am studying the Master of Interactive Technology at UTS, and if I must be honest, it hasn’t really been anything I was expecting. Nonetheless, it seems that from next year, this course will not be offered to any more students. If you check the link above, you will even see that there is no longer any information available as to what content is in the course, which obviously is no help to current students.

Instead now, if students want to take a similar degree, they can enroll into the Master of Information Technology, and complete a major in Multimedia. The downside of this is that the degree is longer, however at the moment I am eyeing this, wondering if there is an opportunity to somehow transfer.. The number of times I’ve been given blank expressions after naming my degree is not particularly promising.

Do I really want to spend more time in university though, is the question. The answer, not really.

If you’re not hankering for a Masters though, the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Interactive Multimedia seem to both still be offered, so there’s still that.