Marukame Udon - near Westfield Chatswood

Marukame Udon in Chatswood

Another wet drizzly day, another day to drown myself in ever flowing quantities of udon. Udon is one of my favourite foods, and like watermelon, it’s something that I simply can’t get sick of - unlike many of the foods in the past that quickly grew ‘old’.

Although visiting the Hong Kong Kitchen was already something of a tradition, this week Ruben and I decided to break that and try out some different restaurants around the delightful Chatswood area.

While similar to the other self-service udon places like Mappen/Mappen Oiden, Hana Hana, and Dragon Boy, Marukame Udon in Chatswood just seems up a notch. Mappen has been diversifying their menu of late (I approve), and while in the city, Dragon Boy is certainly the place to go for some cheap, top quality food… Marukame Udon was rather eye-opening to just how amazing this really can be.

Vegetable udon from Marukame Udon in Chatswood

I ordered the vegetable udon, and Ruben ordered the curry udon on this occasion. The vegetable udon did not have their general broth and instead had a thicker vegetable and egg mix, that was rather Chinese-style perhaps at its roots. That’s the way I like it, but that might not be the choice of others. The curry udon also did not have the usual broth, but was heaped over with rich and spicy curry - the real stuff, not watered down in the slightest!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, with the accompaniment of a cheese sausage tempura and a tofu tempura. Tofu is my thing lately.

Would I come here again? Definitely. Next time I’m trying their sweet fried udon - who would have thought?