Marriage and The Dress near Mardi Gras

This advertisement was broadcasted today during Sydney's Mardi Gras parade, Sydney's annual gay and lesbian parade. A time when not only gay people can come out and openly flaunt their sexuality, but ordinary people can also join in just to show their support to the community.

This video drags us back a step again, as conservatives worm their way out of the woodwork. Marriage equality is all very well, but what about the children that lose out from relationships? Well, where are your facts about that? Children raised in same-sex relationships are functioning, able and well-adjusted members of society who don't feel that they have missed out a relationship with either a father or a mother.

What about the families out there that are single-parent? What about the children out there that have no families at all, that same-sex couples could then taken into their fold and raise in a loving family? We need to solve these greater issues first, not stop a child's chance of having a loving family, even if it is considered 'incomplete', or 'inferior' even, by other people.

Even worse, what if a child does have both a mother and father, but one or both parents is harmful or neglectful to their children - what kind of 'marriage' or family is that? What makes this family better than a respectful and loving family with parents who are the same gender?

This 'harmful' train of thought brings me to a second, more heartwarming piece of news though. Over this weekend, an otherwise silly viral image got repurposed into something truly amazing, raising awareness for domestic violence through playing on the black and blue/white and gold idea. This campaign was created by the Salvation Army in South Africa. Now that's something worth getting behind.