March in May against the budget

#marchinmay photo by Jenny Evans

How the people gather in their resentment at “being lied to, then robbed” (@JulianBurnside) today for #marchinmay (catchy!), in a spectacular march down George Street. It was spectacular not because it was violent, but because people turned out in force to protest the budget changes, of note particularly deregulating Australian university fees, as well as blatant disregard for the poor, the sick, the elderly.

I’m not sure why my parents still feel they are right in voting for Abbott though. They say that he is saving money now and helping us recover from the debt caused by the Labour government. The Labour government did do quite a lot of good in its time at least. Why did you guys vote for Abbott, Australia?

I wonder whether we, the people, can actually affect a change? Democracy? The UTS protest is still upcoming this Wednesday, with other universities apparently joining UTS outside of the Tower. Going to keep an eye out for what will be happening then.

Photo from this Sydney Morning Herald article, by Jenny Evans. Not mine.


Of course, trust the press to paint a violent picture of an otherwise peaceful protest. Good ol’ Murdouche–I mean, Murdoch.